Practical things you might to want to know

Information for stall holders.  Frequently asked questions. FAQ

Where will the stalls be?

The regatta will be held on the Hythe Quay in Maldon, CM9 5HN.  Stall holders need to note that guy ropes cannot be secured in the ground as there is a concrete surface.  


You can arrive to set up from 9.30am but must have removed your vehicle to the car park by 10.30am in readiness for a 11am start.  Please don't arrive earlier than this as the regatta team are fully occupied marking out stall spaces and setting up other amenities.  The shore side stalls will continue until 5pm, it is not possible to allow cars/vans the area before this time for clearing away.  All stalls and vehicles must be clear of the quay by 6pm.

Where will I be?

While you may request to have your stall in a particular position and we will try to accommodate you, please be aware this is not always possible because it is dependent upon the number and type of stalls we are trying to cater for.  You will be shown to your pitch on your arrival.

Where can I unload and then park?

Cars/vans have access to the quay from 9.30am to 10.30am.  (Please note, the council no longer issue free parking tickets for events.)  You can park at The Promenade Park which is accessed from Park Drive, CM9 5QO or the car park in the High St, CM9 5RU.  On your arrival at the Quay, a marshal will meet you and guide you to your pitch.

What do I need to bring for my stall?

We only provide the space for your stall and electrical power if ordered and paid for in advance.  Therefore you will need to bring everything you need for your stall and your comfort eg. tables, power cables, awning, chair etc.  Please note that there is no extra space outside your pitch for trailer and stock.

What type of stalls?

Occasionally we have to turn down applications for stalls, if, for example, we have too many  offering the same products or services.  We encourage small independent businesses, a proportion of 'not for profit' organisations and those with a nautical theme.  

 Do I need insurance?

If your stall is a commercial concern you will need public liability insurance.  We must have received a copy of this with your booking. 

 What other documents will I be asked for?

If your stall is dealing with food you must also have a food hygiene certificate and a copy of this must be sent with your booking form and displayed on the day.  

Additionally, you will need a risk assessment.  You can use your own or use the template on our website.

Booking cannot be accepted without the appropriate certification being submitted in advance.

Is there anything else that I need to consider? 

Although it is highly unusual, there is a possibility that at high tide the water may flood over the quay and this may affect some stalls near the quay edge. It is advisable therefore to bring plastic boxes (and wellie boots!) to protect your stock.